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Daveed Aaron

Daveed Aaron is a Nigerian IT expert and a freelancer who is in love with the information age, passionate about everything IT and is always working hard to move with the trend.
His services are very affordable, he delivers the best and is always on time.

Daveed's areas of specialization includes:

Web Development
Software Developmet
Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Hardware Maintenance and Repairs
Computer Networking

He's also a very good tutor and can teach any of the above mentioned. Daveed is also a blogger with us here at saydtruth.com

You can reach him by calling:
+234 813-094-4449, +234 808-279-4446
Or Send him a mail @ daveedaaron@gmail.com

You can also reach him via any of his social media handles
Facebook: Daveed Aaron
LinkedIn: Daveed Aaron
Twitter: @medaveed
Instagram: @medaveed
Github: @medaveed

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