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Thursday, 14 July 2016

4 sex positions women seriously can’t get enough of…. (See Photos)

1:The Snake “For women who want to reach orgasm during intercourse, The Snake tends to be a favorable position,” says Astroglide’s resident S3@.x:’ologist, Dr. Jess. You lie on your stomach and your partner lies on top of you (entering from behind if desired). You place your hand or a toy beneath your pubic mound or vulva, and rub and grind with the weight of your body while your partner pumps on top.” 2. Tantra “I practice Tantra. Tantra has much more to do with spirituality than S3@.x:’. The S3@.x:’ual benefits of practicing some form of Tantra seems to be mind-boggling; from developing the ability to be multiply orgasmic (yes, men too); to the ecstatic energetic 0rgasms that last way longer than most of our measly 10 second experiences. The main text of Tantric s*xual practice is the Kama Sutra,” says Nikeema Lee, an author, intimate relationship coach, and certified law of attraction guide.

3. The Tripod “While standing against or near a wall, your partner holds up one of your knees firmly in one hand and then makes love to you face to face. It then leaves the other hands free to explore and caress both of your bodies. It allows him to penetrate you deeper,” says Lee. 4. The Cat In this position, you lie on their stomach while your partner grabs hold of your ankles in their right hand, lifts them high up and penetrates you, all while rubbing your face, neck and chest with the other hand, says Lee. Talk about a workout. This position is best if you’re working with a man that’s well-endowed.

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