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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Check out ‘Blood of Jesus’ drink allegedly being sold for N2,000 by a Church in Akwa Ibom (PHOTOS)

blood of Jesus
The picture of an alleged bottle has gone round on social media. The bottle is not what has gone viral but the content of the bottle which amuses everyone.

Blossom Martins on Wednesday, October 11, posted the picture of a bottle with red liquid content and written on it is ‘Blood of Jesus’. Looking at the picture, the bottle belongs to a church but the name was covered.

She posted the picture with the caption: “There is nothing I will not see. Blood of Jesus for sale at N2,000 per bottle. Nigerians abeg….Make una take am easy to hustle money.”

See Martins post below:

However, this post has generated some comments on Facebook as one of her followers said: “They do it in almost every church now. I just go to listen to the messages, I filter what I take in too. God help us.”

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