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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Skale says "Sex in a plane is dope",

​Rapper, Skales, went hardcore in an explicit interview on NET TV's "Secret Questions" program and he was nothing short of raw!

The Baseline Music artiste who revealed that he lost his virginity around the age of 13 disclosed that he 'did it' with an older girl.

According to the rapper, he learnt some lessons from the experience which has proved to be of great value to him.
“I don’t even know when or how must I recall that between age 13 and 15 with an older girl", he said.
“She took me through so many things, she taught me a lot of things and it was needed; the lessons were very essential," he added.
Skales, performing at the Industry Night.
Skales, performing at the Industry Night.

Talking about his choice location as far as his sexual fantasies are concerned. Wait for it!
It is basically high up in the sky for the 'Shake body' songster who said, “My wildest sexual fantasy is having sex in the aeroplane; sex in a plane is dope.”

Female fans would be interested to know that the artiste who made clear his admiration for Seyi Shay's physical features is also into bad girls.
Skales was also quick to state his distaste for Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky while answering a kill, kiss and date question.

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